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AutoQuad M4/N4 Flight controller

AutoQuad M4 on N4 expander

Sales price: 198,75 €
Tax included: 39,75 €


Complete AutoQuad M4 on N4 expander.

Full autonomous GPS flight control, Spektrum DSM2/X receiver,  datalogging and Bluetooth telemetry in a small package. 

Fully assembled, no soldering required.

New version 1.2 N4 expander board - can use UART without turning off BT module

Vin sensor and CAN connected

Features N4 expander

  • 4 PWM motor connectors with 5V power – same style as AutoQuad 6 (a 5th PWM channel is available on the RC1 port, if using the internal M4 CYRF radio)
  • 6.5 to 32V input
  • Reverse voltage protection.
  • 5V/0.8A servo supply
  • 3.3v/400mA  supply
  • uSD card socket, Push/Pull type
  • Onboard Bluetooth module
  • 5V powered CAN-bus distribution socket – JST-SH
  • UART1 connector – JST-SH (shared with Bluetooth)
  • 3.3V and 5V output
  • Main Battery voltage monitor output. (Vsens)


37*37mm footprint
30*30 mm M3 mounting holes (same size as NanoWii)
20 gram

Delivery Includes:

  • AutoQuad M4 V2 mounted on N4 expansion board
  • Main supply wire with JST-PH connector
  • GPS groundplane, assembled

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